My Work


In addition to action/motion, the face, symbolic of human power and will, is the main theme of my work. In my portraits, I strive to express the individuality of personality, the histories and feelings of the subjects: unprotected and defenseless, the representations still preserve the subject′s integrity.

My compositions are infused with the individual′s position in a social and political structure, and include the consequences these structures might hold for that individual.

My atelier at Engelsgrube 70 also doubles as an exhibition arena. This part of Old Town Lübeck has been attracting more and more artists. This being the case, many of the artists are making an effort to work together, i.e. to coordinate exhibitions, atelier opening hours and the like.

In addition to my own artistic work, I am happy to accept orders for portraits and representations reminiscent of the human figure, or to hold exhibitions, literary readings and concerts.

Susanne Schledt-Önal, 2012

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